Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Day 6

Do you like to try to guess your gifts ahead of time?

Yes, you caught me. Two posts in one day...I fell behind. I'd use finals as an excuse....but it really, my life this week ("dead week"...named so because you supposedly just have to study for next week, but it's reality that you are dead to the world because you have SO much that you have to do.) is a never-ending to-do list. It's fine.

I am undecided on my answer to this question. For a few reasons, actually, but I'll try and be concise. I like to know because I'm not a fan of surprises. It's the type A controller/planner in me, but I just like to know what's coming and how things are going to be, and then have them happen that way. You can imagine how hard I must work, on a daily basis, to let go of this (especially in grad. school. With my major. And my life.) A life goal is really to be able to truly "flop with the mop". So yes, sometimes I like to know. I tell people (mostly just my mom) what I want for Christmas and that's what happens. Beautiful.

Aaaand then sometimes I like for people to have stories and reasoning behind a gift, and have it mean something more than "you asked for it." Everyone likes to be thought of, right?

Personally, I like to think I'm a creative "I know you asked for that but I got you this because here's why" kind of gift giver.
Sometimes it's kind of hard to write a lot about these prompts. They're kind of boring, but I started with them and I WILL finish them. WILL.

This little gem was such a gift:
My wonderful friend Kayla and her husband Chris made this for me for my college graduation. I ordered it, but they surprised me by giving it to me as a gift! They're super talented, you should check them out (shameless plug!) It hangs in the hallway of my apartment and I just really, really love it. And was surprised by it. And life is still ok.

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