Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Day 5

What was the first gift you ever made another person?

My only regret about this post is that I can't share a picture (I have a real problem with picture-less posts.) My first gift I ever made someone (short of drawings I'm sure) has to be home-made/preschool made Christmas ornaments. My mother keeps every single ornament/Christmas decoration that any of the 5 of us children ever made and hangs them on the back of our Christmas tree every year (the side that faces the windows of our living room. Which is strategically far enough away from the road in front of my house to where you can only see the tree and lights when you drive by. Very sneaky, mom....)
If I were home in Bremen I'd have all kinds of pictures to post of them, because I love every single one of my ornaments that I've ever made. Because I fear I may the only one besides my mother who appreciates my art skills. My favorite decoration that I ever made remains to this day my toilet-paper tube nativity scene. Yes, every single character, including the animals, is made from a toilet paper tube. Baby Jesus is a peanut (literally) hot glued to a toilet paper tube (cut in half) and is under a yellow square of fabric (because he would get cold without it....duh....)
I love it so much that I may just post a picture of it later this month once I'm back in Bremen. And that way my mom will HAVE to get it out of storage. I win!

I stole this from google images, and it kind of looks like the real thing. But peanut Jesus really just makes it great. You'll see.

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