Friday, July 13, 2012

Patio Garden Update

Well now that Indiana summer is resembling Indiana summer a little more, and Texas a little less, I decided to  update you on the patio garden! Let's just say it's turned out much differently than I anticipated!

The flowers:
eeehhh.......we'll just let these pictures speak for themselves, shall we?

I guess 2 weeks of 100 + degree temps just aren't for everyone. Also, you can't see it, but the pink flower that used to be paired with the green fern is also no more.
The Green Peppers:
I had 4 peppers almost ready to pick until the drought hit, but against my best watering efforts they were just too small to make it. I had all but given up on this plant until the other day I was watering and saw BLOOMS! They're tiny to see in this picture, but I'm holding out that these guys will make it!

The Herbs/Chives:
I've had to cut both of these down several times and use them/give them to family when I visit, and it looks like I need to again! All in all they've done well...and are tasty!

(anyone else feel like I'm talking about people now instead of plants?)
The tomatoes:
These guys have been doing so well. Please don't laugh at the way I've had to tie them's pretty sad resourceful! (C'mon...doll rod from a speech activity I made and some "Little Princess" ribbon I used when I was a camp counselor years ago? Works for me!) I have 3 green ones still growing, and have picked 2 already!

So for my first go-around, I must say I'm pretty impressed...I didn't set my expectations TOO high, but with what crazy heat we've had so far, I'm thrilled to have what I do! Although I must admit I do miss my flowers. Unfortunately the white ones didn't fare well, either. I don't do well in super crazy heat, either, so I can't say I blame them.

Also, I've started up another blog (I know, I know)'s explained a little better over there, but I've decided to separate my "speech life" and "the rest of my life" a little better. So this one will still be just as active (and I'm still guest blogging at the end of the month!) but will remain a little more "food, life, friends, faith", with the occasional speech post thrown in. But for everything else, pop on over to Let's Talk Speech Therapy. It's just a baby, but I think it's cute and am excited about it!

How about you? Has the crazy heat effected what's come out of your kitchen lately?


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