Monday, May 7, 2012

"Real" life

Well, the storm is over...I have officially finished my second semester of grad school (and lived to tell about it). So, in celebration, I have decided to tell you about the rest of my life, because, well, I have time. And I love that :)
-My patio garden is turning out MUCH better than I anticipated. I went in to the whole process half-expecting it to fail (let's be honest...this is coming from the girl who killed a pet cactus in undergrad) but things are suprisingly growing! It has been SO fun to have something to dote over that isn't a client or homework. A "brain break" at it's best!
my green pepper plant- the tiny white dot you see in the center is a soon-to-be pepper!!

The pink flower on the left isn't doing much, but it's probably just intimidated by the way the white flowers have gone CRAZY.

The smartest flowers I've ever met-they close up at night! Genius! Every time a bud dies, a new one is just about to open. They're called "self-eating"...whatever. I just like that they do tricks.

My sweet seedling spices. (Basil, oregano, and parsley.)  I was the most excited when these started blooming!
 So outside of that, life is pretty grand. I'm sleeping at normal times, I'm waking up at normal times...I could get WAY too used to this.I'm still working and doing plenty of filler activities, and grades have yet to be posted (so there's still a little anxiety) but for the most part I'm doing what normal people do. Cleaning, reading, grocery shopping, cooking real food, going to cinco de mayo cookouts, watching movies with friends, and drinking coffee. Speaking of coffee, a quick story:
   A few months ago (spring break-ish) I went through this phase where my coffee was bad. There was nothing I had changed about it, but it was watery and yucky and my mornings were rough. I even went so far as to get a new coffee pot, all to no avail. My coffee was not tasting right, and I was a sad grad. student.
I was at a friends house discussing my situation and she and I tested all kinds of things-was I making it right, was I only using one filter, etc. But everything in my life was fine! Until our very last test-we changed the type of coffee. She busted out her Dunkin Donuts coffee and we brewed that to see if I liked it better than the Folgers we were using. And sure tasted perfect.
We then came to the conclusion that I am a coffee snob, and somehow my brain had just up and decided that it no longer enjoyed the cheap red-canned grounds. So now, this is the scene in my kitchen:
The good news is, if you go to the actual Starbucks and have them grind it for you, it's a lot cheaper than in the stores (Whew)...I'm loving this change, but I somewhat wish that my brain enjoyed cheaper things.

Hope you're enjoying "real" life where you are...I know I will be until my textbooks for summer come in the mail next week :)


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  1. Starbucks is totally worth the investment! Have you tried the blonde roast? It's a beautiful light blend. Perfect for summery mornings. I love your patio garden! You've inspired me to post about mine, maybe I'll work on that...I havent' posted in a while!