Thursday, July 19, 2012

Pinterest Perusings

Let's face it. I have no idea how speech therapy happened before Pinterest. (Actually, I know those SLPs are just SUPER creative and I one day hope to be like them!) I was lucky enough to start grad school just about the same time as I discovered the big, big word of Pinterest, and it is clearly reflected in my therapy! Our clinic director even approached our class one day and said "Okay, what gives. Everyone  has therapy activities that eat things!!" (think the "There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a ________ " cereal box activity).
I love to wander aimlessly through Pinterest in my spare time when I should be doing a million other things, and this summer is no exception! I've started my "to do" list for materials to make between now and the beginning of our clinic semester! Here's what I've found, so far, that will be joining my already-too large collection of therapy materials.
Note-none of these are my creations, I just love them. Click on the link associated with each picture to check them out!
Glitter Bottle Time-out Timer
Glitter Time-out Timers-I'm thinking some of the small reusable water bottles would be a shorter time...maintaining behavior or those nasty meltdowns I'm proud to say I survived with my lower-functioning clients!
Artic + Lang Cards + Library Pockets. Game called BAZINGA! 
Bazinga! For those times when artic OR language cards are just a must (blech!) This makes it a little more fun, while maintaining a good number of opportunities! 
Customized Chipper chat with printables
Custom Chipper Chats. What's even better is that my clients love chipper chats! They'll even ask for it as a reinforcer (not by name, of course!) I'm not sure if they love the wand or the oodles of opportunities I can get from using one sheet, but I like to think a little of both ;)
Sweet website of 150 great childrens ebooks - All free!
This site is so cool! You simply select a charity, and you have access to a BUNCH of great books. The best part? It's free! I plan on using this as much as possible!
sensory bin
Sensory bins-I love them. All of them. Plain and simple. I also love using them for artic, language, you name it. 
I often times want to apologize when I go on "Pinterest binges" to some of the people who follow me that aren't Speechies/Educators...they must think I'm crazy. Or 6 years old. Or both :)

So share and share alike...what's on your Pinterest to-do list before the year gets going again?


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