Monday, May 9, 2011

The beginning of the end

It's been awhile since I've ranted on here, so I decided it's time for an update. For those of you who have been "out of the loop", here's what you've missed:
- God's mercies never fail- I'm going to grad. school! In August I'll be leaving for Indiana State Univeristy in Terre Haute to get my master's MASTER'S DEGREE?!!? It hasn't fully sunk in yet, and I'm not sure when it really will. I do not in any way, shape, or form feel like I should be getting my master's degree. It blows my mind. I'm anxious about moving; leaving Ft. Wayne after just 4 short years of being here is a lot like leaving home again. My family is here- my life. My friends, my amazing church family, the sweet faces that I have babysat for the past 4 years (I've watched their family grow from 3 children to 5!), the smiling children with autism that I work with....I'm just supposed to pack up and leave. I know that I have a few months left here before I up and move, but I know that it will completely fly by. I know God will prepare my heart and that any kind of leaving is hard, but still, I cringe at the thought of being 3 hours away. Knowing NO one. Again. Hello, Abraham...
- I graduate from college in 2 days :-) My finals.are finished, all I have left to do is wait around for commencement. I'm so incredibly blessed to be a part of such a close, loving department. This group of girls has become my family, sometimes extensions of my brain. We've cried and worked and worried over the past 4 years together- what a beautiful support system. They're all doing the same as me in the fall-packing up and leaving for a brand new adventure. They're going to be some of the most wonderful Speech Therapists; any grad program would be lucky to have them. But again, they're my family and I will miss them each more than I can say. The whole family is coming for the ceremony which I think is a little bit crazy, but they're excited. It has been, and will continue to be, a whirlwind. 
Am I excited? Absolutely.Relieved after my waiting and crying and stressing and waiting and crying some more? Without a doubt. Am I ready? .....we'll see. 
                                                             My graduating class, minus 2.

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