Friday, March 30, 2012

Life, pots.

I constantly have things running through my brain ( you shouldn't be surprised by this) that I think "Yeah! That should go on the blog!" And, since I nagged Amber (do you read her blog? You should.) about blogging, AND since I knew she'd rightfully call me out not blogging within the past month, I knew it was time for a post. I really should get better at this. Let's face it, I really should do a lot of things....!

I wanted to post my favorite speech crafts on here and silly things about my life like new glasses and the great pork chops I made for dinner tonight and the Jon McLaughin cd I haven't stopped listening to for weeks, but then I had a change of heart. A dear, dear friend of mine since middle school  lost his father to liver cancer Tuesday, and to top it off, my friend is getting married next Saturday. I know that my dear friend's heart is at peace, but I have to admit mine is not resting quite as easily. Its one of those crazy things that hits you out of nowhere, I guess, and makes you realize the superficial things in your life that you've let become big things. The seemingly mindless and trivial things that I let consume me, or that I complain about  that I should be beyond thankful for. I had dinner with a friend tonight, that was finished with too-big bowls of ice cream and discussion about behavior charts and group therapy (don't judge.) It was simple, it was beautiful, it was full of life.

Then the next day, my mother calls to tel me that her best friend of next to forever, and one of the most Godly women I know, has called to tell her that her breast cancer has returned yet again, even after her double masecotmy a few years ago. And my mother's friend isn't sure she wants to do treatment this time around, because she also suffers from Parkinson's disease, and would rather the cancer take her home to the Lord than the Parkinson's.

Yeah. Deep exhale.
But then I found this post-it note that I keep on my desktop that reads:

In all my life, in every season, You are still God, I have a reason to sing; I have a reason to worship...
(take from Hillsong's Desert Song)

So through all of these "seasons", in all of these things that seem to always happen at once, God is still God, and I do have a reason to sing. Because "God is my Victory, and He is here". What sweet, sacred promises.

In much MUCH lighter news, this little gem has come to call my kitchen home this week:

My forever old hand-me-down finally brewed its last, and since a Keruig just ISN'T just in my grad school budget, this nifty gadget will now start my mornings, and afternoons, and....evenings. But I like it! :)

It's Easter themed speech this week...and if you made it this far, you deserve to know that my next post will be much happier, and much more picture-full. So I'm headed to a quiet Friday night full of cutting out laminated bunnies and chicks, foam Easter eggs, and some quality Netflix time. I'll take it. 

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  1. Love this. Keep blogging, and I love seeing your speech crafts, because I think sometimes, they also work great for 2 year olds.

    Also, you should watch Doctor Who (it's on Netflix). I'm obsessed, and I need an obsessive friend, and you could be it. ;)