Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Everything is beautiful: Busy-ness.

I have a tendency to complain. And moan. And whine. Often. So to "turn my worries into prayers" in a way, I have turned them into thanksgiving. I have a book on my desk I keep all of these in, but I decided that they should go here, too. It just seemed...fitting. 
I am busy. I feel like I say that all of the time. Mostly because I am. It's already July 6th, and what have I done with my summer? Worked.. What happened to "lets make the most memories with my last summer in the Fort while I can with those I love? Who knows. But it has almost entirely not happend (give or take a few random bursts of memory-making). I know I should be kicking back, enjoying, staying up late and getting up even later, but I have rarely stayed up past 10:30 and even more rarely slept in past 7:15. Out the door by 8 at the latest, home by 5 at the earliest. Real world, being grown up, responsibility, call it what you will, it's my life right now. 3  in-home therapy clients (2 of which are attending camps that they need aided at every week this summer), babysitting, observation hours, my brother's wedding preparation, maintaining relationships...I'm beat. 
However, today I stopped to look at it, as I caught myself wishing it all away and wishing I could "just be 22!!" (how often I've said this in exasperation from my ever-growing clutter central of a home office). And it was while I watched my calendar, my summer, and really life as I know it, fill up and disappear infront of me, I realized how truly blessed I am to be in a position where I can't squeeze a single thing into my weeks anymore. I'm working. I'm making money...fairly decent money for someone in my position. I have 3 wonderful clients who, although some days I'm convinced don't progress out of sheer spite, not capability, give me huge grins and heartfelt hugs when I leave, even after the toughest of therapy days. I have 5 beautiful children that I babysit for who, while I would love to have a Saturday night where I decide what I do, giggle and can't wait to show me how they're growing each time I see them, and who have parents who trust me and treat me so well. I'm observing speech therapy and seeing the wonderful effect it has on so many types of kiddos, and it does nothing but fuel my passion for what I love.
So yes, I'm busy. Always. And I may not be able to lay by the pool all day every day. But I'm provided for. And I get to fall into bed every night with an accomplished exhaustion. And I'm thankful.

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  1. Hopefully you find time to rest, though, too? That's also helpful, and healthy.

    But it's great that you're able to step back and recognize how good things are!